I am having a hard time figuring out my gauge. If I use a needle size one up from the recommended needle size, my rows come out perfect but my stitches are still off. Without knowing the final dimensions of the project, how can I alter my guage so that I come out correctly?


I’m not sure if this will work but have you tried casting on looser? I read on the forum somewhere that some people cast on and use the second needle to show how much space should be between stitches. For example, cast on one stitch place the second needle next to it and cast on a second stitch so there is a space the width of the needle is between the stitches.

Hope that helps!

Your stitch gauge is more important than your row gauge, so adjust your needles for the stitch. Most patterns will instruct you to knit until the piece measures X length, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 10 rows or 16 rows. So if your rows don’t match gauge, you can just go until you have the required length - if your stitches don’t match gauge, your entire piece will be the wrong size.

I automatically do my first gauge swatch with needles 2 sizes bigger than what the pattern calls for, since I knit a bit tightly.

:woot:Thanks! I want to start work on my first sweater soon where the gauge is going to be important!

Also on gauge, just how much do I have to knit for a gauge swatch? I started knitting one for socks yesterday, AND i WAS THINKING BY THE TIME i FINISHED (sorry about those caps) I could have almost finished half a sock, with the small needles and thin yarn! So I just cast on, for the sock, started knitting the cuff and checked to see if it fit.

With socks they can easily be your swatch. If it’s off and you have to redo, you’ll know how to start again. For sweaters, it’s been said to start with the sleeves, because if the gauge is really off, there’s not so much to rip out as it would be if you’d knit 8" on the back…