When knitting your gauge, what do you do if you are using the suggested needles and yarn, but your gauge is still off from the pattern by a few stitches, either more or less? Do you change needles to try to get the inches right for the gauge?

Yes, you need to change needles (if you want the finished item to fit)

If you should have 24 stitches= 4 inches and you have less than 24 then change to a smaller size needle and redo the swatch. :frog: If you have more stitches per inch than you should, then change to a larger size needle and reswatch.
Just keep trying until you get it right :thumbsup:

The “suggested” needle size on the ball band is just that: a suggestion of where to start.

Happy Knitting (and Swatching) :XX:


Doobie doobie doo:wink:

Thank you Mary… :thumbsup: