I’m working on a toddler jumper for my daughter. And right away I have problems to start off. The gauge is 18sts = 4" on size 7 needles. So I should have 4 1/2 sts for 1". I have 5 sts not 4 1/2. I moved up to a size 8 needle. And I still have 5 sts for my gauge. What do you think I’m doing wrong??
Please help if you can

[color=indigo]It’s early and the coffee’s not kicked in, but wouldn’t you go a size smaller needle to get smaller stitches? :shrug: [/color]

No, she needs to go up. If she needs 4.5 stitches/inch but she’s getting 5, she needs to go up to make the stitches bigger.

Try going up another size. I knit so tightly that I usually have to go up at least two needle sizes.

I know your pain… I have the same problem :frowning: I have yet to get a gauge with any pattern I try :frowning:

Maybe you could just do some math to see how many stitches you need to get the same measurments as the pattern??

but then again…dont take advice from me, I did that and knit a sock yeasterday that I thought would be perfect… but turns out it was WAY to small :frowning:

So Yeah… I guess I’m No Help

You very well could do a different size pattern unless you want to try going up to size 9s. If you don’t have them and don’t want to buy them, find the pattern size with the stitch number that comes closest to your 5 sts/inch times how many inches you need and use that size.