I start my new project three days ago, using the same yarn that the pattern suggest. However, after three days of knitting, I realize that the gauge of mine is different from the patter?!! :persevere:

Anyone can teach me how to read gauge? At least how to solve the problem…?

It says — GAUGE: 20 sts / 25 rows = 4 inches in stockinette

After I knitted mine, mine is 20 sts = 2 inches…!
OK… now I am sad… do I need to destroy the whole thing since the gauge is not fitted to what the pattern says…?

Shell I change my needle size?

Count each V as one stitch.
I put a dot at the base of the Vs in one row. There are 9 plus about a half on each end makes 10sts in 2 inches or 20sts in 4 inches. You’re good as far as gauge goes.
Here’s a video on measuring gauge.

Darling hat. Thanks for the link

Thanks for your prompt reply!! I almost destroyed it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I a tight knitter? Do I need to adjust my tension?

Now I finally understand how to check the gauge, I think I counted it in the wrong direction…

Seems like on mine, I need more rows in order to get the measurement correct.

How to decide how many rows I should add into my band?


deciding on if I should restart this project and use size 8 needles instead of size 7…

But I already did 36 rows… so much work… :sob:

Measure the row gauge that you’re getting. You know how many inches you need so than you can convert inches into rows. So if you’re getting 20 rows/4inches that’s 5 rows/inch. If you need 2 more inches, that works out to 10 more rows.
You can also just knit until you reach the given measurement.
It this on the front band?

Thanks for your reply, I keep checking here as I am deciding if I need to restart the work or not… haha
I promises my sister’s kid I am going to knit the same hat for them, but this color is for myself… I don’t want to make it wrong…

It is for the front band, and the pattern doesn’t give the measurement…

On the last page of the pattern there’s a schematic. It gives the measurement of the front band plus the garter edging. I’d subtract 2-2.5 inches for the edging and use that as the measurement of the front band. You can also hold it up to your head and see if you like the length.

ohoh… my band is only 3" wide…

Okay… if I want to get to 3.5" wide, that means I have to use size 8 needles instead of size 7 because my knitting tension is tight?

Since you’ve got the stitch gauge, try blocking the band to 3.5inches. Cables pull the knitting in and will make the band narrower. Cascade 220 is wool and it should block out to 3.5". Wet the band and see if you can pin it out to 3.5 inches.