Gauge Swatching For Socks


I’m brand new to these forums and I have to say, they pretty much rock! cloud9

So, I’m hoping to get some clarity.

I have been attempting to knit my first sock for a week now, got almost all the way done with it (a knitpicks sideways knit sock) only to find out that ‘women’s medium’ is super tiny, at least in this pattern.

I didn’t measure my feet before hand, but as I’d never had any problems with store bought socks, I was just kind of hoping women’s medium might fit. Oh, how I was wrong. If I closed up the tube with the kitchener like I’m supposed to they wouldn’t even go half way around. Maybe they’d fit a child… but I also found, I have pretty wide/fat feet after measuring.

I did swatch and I got the pattern gauge but eh, that was a long time before I actually began the socks and I can’t find the swatch… plus I’m looking at not only frogging this sock and retrying that, but using a basic toe up pattern in some other yarn which I also have to swatch for.

My question is this - I seem confused when it comes to swatching for socks. Is there anything that needs to be done different for swatching on DPNS/circulars?

Well, if your gauge knitting in-the-round is significantly different from your gauge knitting flat, you really should swatch in-the-round.

You could do this one of two ways:

  1. Knit a tube. Time-consuming, but will probably give you the most accurate results.

  2. Knit a row on a dpn/circular, slide your work back to the other end, loosely strand the yarn behind your work and start the next row from the beginning again. (i.e., Don’t turn your work.) Kind of like making an I-cord with a whole lot of stitches. A lot of people find this method kind of awkward, and since their knitting is awkward while swatching this way, the swatch can be inaccurate. So practice a bit first if you want to swatch this way.