Gauge Swatch

I am knitting a hat on circular needles. Do I need to make the gauge swatch on circular needles or straight needles? Thanks for any help. Being new to circular knitting, I am a little confused.

Apparently when you are going to be knitting in the round, it’s best to do your gauge swatch in the round as well.

You can cheat, and just cast on for however many stitches you want for the swatch, and knit across. then do NOT turn the work, but just start knitting again, leaving a long loop across the back of the work.

You’ll probably want to use the crics for this, (even though you are not knitting in the round yet) because you need to be able to knit from both ends. if you have DPNs in the same size, that would probably be easier to manipulate.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry to sound ignorant, but what are “crics?”

A typos for `circs’ - circular needles.

Ok, thanks.

How is it going? I find that my gauge is different when knitting in the round, but not a lot different. I have tried the trick Orangeus mentions. It sounds like it should give an accurate gauge for knitting in the round, but I find it doesn’t really work for me. I don’t know why. :eyes:

I do a lot of hats and size is an issue but doesn’t have to be as critical as with some things that have a “fit”. You could probably just use your gauge from working flat. I find with a lot of things I do that even though I do a gauge swatch, when I actually knit the piece my gauge changes for some reason. :shrug: So I do big swatches sometimes. :lol: By that I mean, the actually piece turns out to be my gauge swatch. At least hats aren’t too big when you have to do them over. :slight_smile: I hope you are having good luck with the hat and the gauge.

I’m going to knit the gauge swatch tonight; we’ll see how it goes. I already knit a gauge swatch on straight needles, so I’m curious to see how it compares with the gauge swatch worked the way Orangeus describes.