Gauge swatch too small

This is the first time I’ve done a gauge swatch and I only cast on 32 stitches. The gauge is supposed to be 24 sts and 32 rounds in 4 inches. Now that it’s finished I’m finding the 4 inches I’m supposed to measure is not all “good knitting”, it’s too close the the edges where things are loose. Can I get away with halving the gauge and only measuring the stitches in 2 inches or will that be very inaccurate?

Also, how perfect does your gauge have to be? I’m measuring 13 sts in 2 inches when it should be 12. So should I swatch again with a bigger needle or is it close enough?

I should add that I have not washed the swatch yet because I wasn’t sure if I had to redo it because of the sizing issue.

What are you going to make? Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name?
Measure over 2-3 inches in several places. That should work. Did you knit the swatch in the round? If your gauge is different knitting flat and knitting in the round, that will affect gauge.
Whatever it is that you’re making is going to be a bit smaller if you go with the current needle size… Whether that matters depends on the pattern type and size.

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It is this sweater in size M/L:

I did knit the swatch in the round following these instructions

OK, knitting the gauge swatch in the round is excellent.
The pattern for the body has 234sts in the M/L size. At 12sts/2inches, the pattern gauge, that’s 39 inches chest measurement. If your gauge in 12sts/2inches, the chest measurement is going to be 36 inches.
You can go with the gauge you have and knit a larger size if you want or you could try repeating the gauge swatch with a size larger needle.
I’m making the Flax Worsted weight pattern now in a baby size.[quote=“salmonmac, post:4, topic:123210”]

So I knit swatches with size 6 and then 7 needles, 7 was just about perfect. The gauge swatch was done in the larger needles for the pattern, for the smaller needles will I also just go up two sizes?

Glad the gauge swatch is good. Yes, go up two sizes on the smaller needle. That should be fine.

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So I finally tried to start this project (after my new sized needles came in the mail) but after casting on it was clear that there is no way that the opening was big enough. So I went ahead and looked up my yarn online. Unfortunately many of the yarns at the store didn’t list their weight, either as a number or in words, but the yarn seemed to be organized into sections based on weight. This yarn was in with other fingering yarns so I assumed it was too. Turns out it’s light fingering.

So is there any way I can still use this for my sweater or should I use it for something else instead? I feel like making a gauge swatch and changing the needles so my gauge and the project gauge matched should have made the yarn weight not matter but I guess not. Either that or I cast on significantly tighter than I knit.

Which yarn are you using and which cast on?
You may need a stretchier cast on but it’s worth knitting a few rounds to see if the ribbing will work.

The yarn is Mirasol Sulka Legato

I used long tail cast on. I cast on with the 16" circulars and I don’t even think there were enough stitches for me to be able to knit with, the needles were longer than what I had for a neckline.