Gauge swatch for lace

Hey! I am thinking about attempting my first sweater, of course I have chosen a complicated lace pattern, since I am obviously insane! :wink:

I have read alot of doing the gauge swatch (The Yarn Harlot cracks me up when she writes about them!) but I have never had to do one myself.

When you do a gauge swatch for something lacy - do you knit it for a lace section, or do you just stockinette stitch it or what?

Here is the pattern I am thinking about.

I posted about a different lace sweater before, but I think I like this pattern better and it looks easier than the other! :slight_smile:

Thanks!! :muah:

It depends on the pattern and usually says. You might try both, CO enough to get 2 repeats of the lace (18) plus some edge sts. That should give you enough to measure over both the stockinette and the lace patterns.