Gauge - Stitch Count OK; Too Many Rows - why?

I’m checking my gauge on a worsted that says 4.5 stitches & 6 rows/1" on #8. On #8 needles, I get the stitches dead on correct, but have 8 rows. I’ve double checked and triple checked, so I think I’m measuring correctly.

I understand from my reading that stitch count is the benchmark, since row count can be adjusted easily enough in the length of the project, and that is certainly so for this afghan I will be making – especially since it is a baby afghan pattern written for sport weight yarn which I will be switching to worsted (Bernat Satin) and increasing the original size from 35" x 46" to about 60" x 72".

I just wonder why I get too many rows??? :thinking: I guess I’d better up the amount of yarn I order for this, huh?
I feel I’m a generally middle-of-the-road tension knitter.


I think it’s very common to have descrepancies in row gauge. My row gauge is almost always off, even if my stitch count is right. I go with whatever needle size gets the proper stitch gauge and go from there. I rarely even measure my row gauge because I KNOW it’s going to be off. It’s never off by enough to make a huge difference though.

Thank you!! I’m glad to find that row gauge discrepancy is common and “not just me.” :smiley:


One of the most important things I’ve learned on this forum is that problems/questions/confusions are never “just me!” And even better than that, there’s this huge group of people willing to help so i don’t have to re-invent the wheel every day! Hooray for KH!