Gauge question

Hi everyone! I’m new here and new to knitting as well. I’ve made one sweater so far (wrong size lol oops) so I’m about to make a bigger one. It calls for 16st 32rows/4 inches. I haven’t completed the swatch yet but I can’t even get the 16 stitches to make 4 inches! I’m using a different yarn this time, first time I used a worsted weight cotton, now i’m using wool. The pattern calls for size 8 needles and I’m already on size 10 and 1/2, is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Your yarn may be a lot thinner than in the pattern. What does the pattern use and what do you have?

If you are using the correct yarn, I’m wondering if that’s a misprint. 16sts by 32 rows is extremely unusual-- and by “unusual”, I mean it won’t work. So maybe it’s supposed to be 26 by 32? What is the pattern?

That’s a correct gauge in garter stitch - 2 rows of garter equal 1 stitch, so I don’t see that it’s too far off.

I can’t link the pattern since it’s printed out but it is in garter stitch and definitely says 16 stitches & 32 rows. I believe the wool is worsted weight, which is what the pattern calls for. At first glance I thought it was the same if not a little thicker than the cotton I used for the first sweater but now that I’ve looked it over, the wool stretches more than the cotton and pulls thinner, is that ok? Is it a problem if I have to keep sizing up in needles?

Use whatever needle it takes to get your gauge, though it might get so big that it’s looser than you’d like. Cotton knits a bit denser than wool, which ‘squishes’ so that may be the problem. What gauge are you getting? You might be going the wrong direction with the needle size if you say 16 sts doesn’t equal 4". It may be you need a smaller needle.

If I’ve done the 16 stitches and say I’ve done like 11 rows if the 16 stitches isn’t 4 inches across is it safe to quit and assume I need a bigger needle, or do I need to finish the swatch? I haven’t tried with my new size 11s but with the other size (9,10,10 1/2) so far my 16 stitches isn’t reaching across 4in, does that make sense? It’s more like 3 or 3 and 1/2 inches.

Then I think the wool is just too small to get gauge if you can’t make it 4" across on 16sts. I really would like to know which yarn you’re using, the name I mean; you said you [I]think[/I] it’s a worsted weight, it may not be. But tell you what… Take the size 10s and cast on about 24 sts, and knit for 10-12 rows. Don’t measure the end sts, but measure 4" in the middle of a row; mark it with pins and see how many sts you do get. The edge sts aren’t the same size and curl under, so they shouldn’t be used in measuring.

Ok, I’ll do that. and the yarn is patons classic wool.

That’s odd, you should be able to get 4 sts/inch on 9s or 10s with it, or you’re a really tight knitter. Do try another sample with about 24 sts and then measure in the midde.

I think I may be a tight knitter, sometimes I have trouble moving my stitches on the needles (aluminum) Can I post a pic in here of the first sweater I did? Thanks for you help! I’m going to try knitting a sample with more stitches once I get the baby down for the night :slight_smile:

How do you wrap your stitches? If you wrap either or both the knit and purl ‘backwards’ it makes the sts twisted and your knitting is tight and it’s hard to get gauge. A picture of your work could helps us check that.

I did the 24 stitches on size 10s and it took approx. 20 stitches to get 4 inches. I feel like I’m doing something wrong :frowning: I’ve even tried loosening up my stitching

Here’s a close up of a small swatch I did on 10.5s with the patons classic wool

and here’s a close up of the stitching I did on the first sweater (worsted weight cotton)

It’s a little hard to tell with the garter stitch, but [I]I think[/I] you might be twisting the stitches. Look at the videos for knit and see if you wrap the yarn and insert your needle the same way as on the video.

When you say wrapping, do you mean when I loop the yarn around the needle to pull it through? If so after you mentioned it I went back and watched the knitting video just to be sure and that is how I do it. Boo I’m at a loss! Lol 11s just seem HUGE for a sweater plus it doesn’t look very neat with them. It’s kind of discouraging lol. Thanks so much for all of your help.

Oh I also wanted to add that I don’t think I had the right gauge on that sweater I did either, it ended up not fitting, which is too bad because it’s cute!:teehee:

I dunno, guess you’re just a tight knitter. My suggestion would be to just make a different size, maybe the next larger one would work. Multiply your 5 sts/inch by the measurement you want it to be and see which size has close to that number of sts for the front and back. Then follow the instructions for that size, but adjust the length to what you need it to fit you.

I may just try to size up and hope it works lol. I just wanted to do it the “right” way, It makes me feel like I’m not a true knitter when I have to cheat like that haha that’s lame I know!

When you knit in the round does your gauge have an effect on the length of of cable you use? Like if the pattern calls for 16" is it possible I’ll need a 12" because I’m a tight knitter?

I have always used much larger needles than in a pattern so haven’t even tried to get gauge, just figured out how many sts I need and go from there.

No you won’t need a shorter needle, you’re going to cast on enough sts so they will fit on a 16". Otherwise the item will be too small anyway.