Gauge question

I know this is everyone’s favorite topic! I’m not even sure my question can be answered…
I am knitting gloves from the “Not Just Socks” book - the pattern calls for 8 sts per inch using size 1 needles and 100 gram yarn. The pattern is sized for women’s medium which is 8" hand circumference.
I am using 100 gram yarn that states gauge as 8 sts/inch using size 2 needles.
At my knitting store, they told me that using the bigger needles will make the gloves bigger and that I probably could follow the pattern directly and not make adjustments for the fact that my dad’s hand is a little bigger than a woman’s medium.
I just discovered that my dad’s hand is 8.5"… and my gauge is 9 sts per inch…
Do you think the gloves will be okay if I just keep knitting to the pattern or should I adjust them?
Also, since I’ve already finished the cuff, can I simply increase the gusset and expect that the whole glove would be bigger?
Or (shudder) do I have to start over again and add sts from the beginning???

You could probably go up one needle size for the body of the glove.

If at 8 stitches an inch, the widest part of the glove is designed to measure 8 inches (the woman’s size), then if you are receiving 9 stitches an inch, the widest part of the glove you are making will measure right near 9 inches instead of 8. I would keep going (bear in mind I [I]hate[/I] starting over):doh:; on the bet that it would be ok. If need be, you can decrease or increase a couple stitches at the widest point, but my guess would be you might need to decrease a couple when you get to that widest point.

So I am sticking with my plan! Thanks!

Gosh, I hope it works, or I might have to change my user name!:rofl:

I don’t think that is right. If your gauge is 8 stitches per inch, you will need 68 stitches for 8.5" (8 stitches x 8.5"). With 9 stitches per inch you will need 76 or 77 stitches to equal 8.5" (9 stitches x 8.5"). So if you were knitting with the 9 st. per in. gauge, but using the CO for the 8 st. per in. You will end up with a glove that is only about 7 inches around.

Yep, more sts/inch means it’s smaller. So go up on the needle size and see what you get.

Oh, dan’g… I did the math reverse again? :doh: Thanks for catching that… or she might have had to give the glove to her younger sister!:aww:

I thought they were looking a little small…I’ve finished the cuff and I’m about a third of the way through the gusset stitches. I should have known better than to listen to the lady at the store - she isn’t my favorite and I don’t think she knits enough. I’m going to run over there on my way home from work and have the “expert” look at it; maybe I can get away with just changing needles and doing the same thing on the second glove. But it hasn’t been fun to knit and I’m tempted to give up as I have some luscious scarf yard staring at me every time I pick up the glove - just tempting me to start it instead!!

Yes, you should be able to go up another needle size, depending on your yarn. With sock yarn, you can only go up so far and then it may be too loose. You could double the yarn and go up to a size 5 or 6 needle, though that may be too large.

Don’t give up yet. See if they will let you knit up a swatch at the store before you buy the next size needles, to make sure you get gauge.

I had my DH try on the cuff - looks like it might be okay so I keep knitting. I stopped at the knitting store, explained my dilemma to one of the more expert knitters, she agreed that I should keep going, what I had knitted already looks stretchy enough that it shouldn’t be small and I can’t go up another needle size because the yard is too “dainty”…
So I knit, and I knit, and I’m doing the thumb gusset increases and I’m hating it… then I drop a stitch (I didn’t notice for several rows so it’s way down there), I struggle and struggle to try and pull it up. I get aggravated, I decide to frog until the dropped stitch… BAD IDEA… I can’t get it back on the needles. I keep frogging… I’m sitting on the floor at my grandmothers house (she’s a HUGE knitter who can’t knit anymore because of her eyesight) among a big pile of crinkled beautiful yarn and Granny offers to roll it back up for me.
I spent last night looking for a different pattern, figured I’d find a pattern for sport-weight yarn.
Then as I was going to bed, I took a quick look at my stash - and found a whole skein of charcoal grey sock yarn that is a perfect match for the variegated yarn I already had. I am going to double it with the original stuff and go up to a #3… I’m starting the cuff as soon as I finish my coffee!!
Wish me luck!!!
thanks for all your ideas!!