Gauge question!

I’m swatching for my first baby sweater (baby is due 7wks from today so I had better get going!).

I’m using berroco touche yarn which says 20sts and 30 rows = 4in on US 8’s.

My gauge is supposed to be 22sts and 30 rows= 4in.

My first swatch I used size 5’s and got 20st = 4in and 30 rows = 5 in.

then I tried size 4’s and got 21st = 4in and 30 rows - 4.5 in.

the length doesn’t bother me, should I try 3’s? if I go to a larger size like a 6 or 7 will it be way off since I’m already getting something close?

Thanks - this gauge stuff makes my head hurt!

It sounds like you must be a very loose knitter, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but as you’ve discovered you will have to use a much smaller needle size. You can go another needle size down and see what gauge you end up with, or you can just go with what you have and see how it turns out - if you use the 4’s, your sweater will turn out a bit bigger than it’s supposed to but for a baby sweater that’s not so bad. They’ll grow into in and might be able to use it longer than if it was too small.

Don’t worry about the rows, the stitch length is close enough on 4s that it may work out okay…