Gauge question

Can someone tell me if I have this right? If the pattern says the gauge should be 10 sts/12 rows = 4 inches in stockinette, that means that 12 rows 10 stitches wide should measure 4 inches each way, right? If I’m getting way less than that, using large needles (8 mm), and not knitting especially tightly, that means the yarn is too thin, right? The needles called for are 7 mm, but even using larger needles, my swatch produced too small a gauge.

The yarn thickness must be it. The pattern calls for a yarn that comes 40m per 50g skein. My skein is 50g and 90m. Same weight but about twice the length. So it’s too thin. Have I assessed this correctly?

Thanks in advance. :muah:

What yarn does it suggest and what yarn are you using? The weight of the ball isn’t important, you need the gauge of the yarn. If you are using the same weight (like worsted) recommended then you may have to go up or down a needle size to get gauge.

Unfortunately, the label from the yarn I’ve got doesn’t indicate any gauge. Or at least I don’t see anything that looks like a gauge, just weight and length. The label’s in German, which I speak a little, but I’m just not seeing gauge. The yarn called for in the pattern is Lana Grossa Airwool. I often can’t find the wool in patterns, so I try to substitute. I’ve already tried increasing 1 needle size to get the right gauge, but even that wasn’t enough. If I were to increase 2 needles sizes, the knit will come out rather lacy, and therefore useless as a winter hat.

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah it sounds like you need a bulkier yarn weight.

You might try doubling the yarn to match weight. See if that would match gauge in your swatch.

If I do that, I don’t think I’ll have enough to finish the hat. At some point I’ll just go and get bulkier yarn. I just wish the salesperson had been more helpful and steered me toward the correct type of yarn. There’s a lesson in that.

What kind of yarn are you using? You can always look the yarn up on or just do a search and you may come up with the gauge – then you would know if you were close to the right substitution.

the pattern calls for. The yarn I wanted to use is called Magica.