Gauge question

I’m about to attempt my first garment and I dutifully did a swatch. The pattern calls for 6 stitches/inch and the best I can do is 5 stitches/inch. Am I right in supposing that if I continue, my tank top will be larger than the pattern indicates? TIA

Yes, it will be larger.

Let’s say you have 100 stitches at 6 per inch, the finished product will be about 17 inches wide.

At 5 stitches per inch, it will be 20 inches wide.

If you want to knit to gauge, use a smaller needle.

Wow, that was fast, thanks Ingrid.

I tried the smaller needle and ended up with the same count and I didn’t want to go any smaller. It should be ok, cause I was thinking I wanted it a bit larger anyway and it is cotton, so I suppose I can shrink it if I have to.

Or you can knit the pattern a size smaller.

I am such a loose knitter, I routinely go down TWO needle sizes for my first swatch on any project. I recently started doing my first sock, and I am really trying to tighten up. I really think a loose knit sock would be a disappointment.