Gauge Question

When you are doing a gauge, do you do your gauge sample out of the same stitch that you are making the project with?

I am going to be trying a sweater with knit on the RS rows and seed stitch on the WS rows (hope that makes since). So when I gauge for this project do I do the sample using this stitch or just use stockinette?

This gauge stuff is going to be the death of me. And I know how important it is. Any suggestions. I need to know how to get it right. I am told I am a tight knitter, so now I have to add stitches to the pattern when I CO to make up for to many stitches per inch sp I end up with the right size project.:shock: Thanks


Yes, you should do your gauge in the pattern stitch you will be using – although some instructions will specify the gauge over stockinette. In that case you would do a swatch in stockinette pattern.

In order to get the right gauge for your pattern, you can change needle sizes. I would think that would make your life easier than adding stitches to make your pattern work out.

Too many stitches per inch, increase your needle size, too little stitches per inch, try a smaller needle than the pattern calls for. You may have to spend some time playing with swatches until you get the right needle size for your pattern but in the long run it’s worth it to get your garment to fit right in the end.

I always hate the swatching part cause I’m eager to start knitting my project right away and dislike having to take the time to swatch. But I also hate having to frog a sweater midway cause I can see that there’s no way it will fit!

So I swatch until I get it right.

Hope this helps!


Changing needle sizes is what I thought I was suppose to do, but the instructor told me if you increase needle size you can end up with a looser knit stitch that you may be able to see through.

Right now my pattern calls for a size 6 needle and 4 stitches to the inch. I am using a size 6 needle but am getting 6 stitches to the inch, so my project is coming out as a size 32 instead of a size 38.

I cast on 192 stitches which was suppose to give me a size 38 but right now it measures 32 inches around (it is on circular needles). So it is too small. She told me to adjust my cast on to 228 stitches, that should give me a size 38.

So, now I need to do my gauge in the stitch pattern and see how that looks for sitiches per inch. I know this is important and I just want to understand it better.

I agree changing needles sizes sure sounds alot easier.:lol:


You can usually go up one or two sizes without making the knit too loose, it depends on the yarn. Try it with size 7 and 8 needles and see if you get closer to gauge. If it is too loose, then use a large pattern size.


You will go up a size and the stitches/fabric will be looser, but the pattern specifically states this looseness of fabric as its gauge. If you alter this by making the stitches smaller than the pattern states, the fabric will be different - less drapey, more stiff and thick.

Now I am confused.:??

Do I add stitches or change needle size?



Either one you prefer. Try a sample with larger needles and see how you like the result. If you feel the stitches are too loose, use more stitches. The `should’ is up to you.