Gauge Question

I am home sick today, so brain not functioning (ok, maybe I would still need some help on a fully functioning brain :lol: )

Anyway, I want to make this:, but it requires double-knit yarn, I only have sport weight.

I did a pathetic swatch (ok, I only did a few rows) and ended up with about 26 stiches per 4", where as the pattern guauge is 22 stiches per 4".

So… how do I change the pattern to correct for this, especially with the design? I am thinking the design is 5 stiches, so could I just cast on an extra multiple of 5 stiches? What about during the decreases?

I hope this makes sense!

Thanks a bunch!

Try another swatch with a needle one size larger*. It will probably work out for you. If so, just use that needle and knit the pattern as written.

*edited to correct my blonde moment. :oops:

Thanks for the input Silver!

I went ahead and just went forward with my size 6 and sportweight yarn :blush: and see what happens. I saw another pattern for a newborn hat that was similar (no ribbing either) that cast on less stiches, but for the yarn and needles I am using, so I guess it will somehow all work out ok. :pray:

Thanks again!

Is my brain not functioning either, Silver??? Shouldn’t she use bigger needles to get less spi?

Um. Yes. I, uh… was testing you. Yeah!

(No, not really. Please pardon my blonde moment.)

I was going to say something about the needle size, but questioned myself rather than Silver’s expertise! :wink:

:roflhard: Well believe me Ingrid, I really had to think about it before I posted that. Thanks for the little quiz, Silver :thumbsup:

LMAO Ok like I never make mistakes. You just keep thinking that. :roflhard:
I won’t mention my encounter with a frog yesterday either.[/size]

Ugh, a frog or a :frog:? I am encountering a :frog: myself tonight. I blogged my woeful tale. Isn’t writing supposed to be cathartic??? Funny I don’t feel any better about ripping out 14" of work!

heehee, I didn’t even notice LOL. Up or down, I would have had to buy new needles, which I am trying to hold off on buying any new knitting stuff (except for some yarn for a scarf for my mom :happydance: ). Hubby will just get all antsy if I buy anymore! :lol:

Even $1.49 for a pack of 20 “needles” at Michaels? They have dowels in packs that make great needles. Many people here have done it (it’s very easy) and Amy even has a video on it.