Gauge question

Ok so I have only done scarves (and one hat) but never to a pattern. I am working on my first pattern but it doesn’t have swatch intructions.

So I’m doing the shrug from Knitty Gritty…

It says

Piece should measure approximately 16" at widest part and 39" in length

With size 9 needle, cast on 52 stitches in Blossom and work in stockinette for 8". Change to size 10-1/2 needles and work in stockinette for an additional 23".
Change back to size 9 needles and work an additional 8".
Piece should measure 39".

I think the yarn I am using is thinner than the yarn they used.

How would should I measure this?

Is there a gauge measurement on the pattern? It should say something like X sts and X rows = 4 inches in St St." You’ll need to knit a gauge swatch with your yarn if it’s not the same stuff. Cast on 20 stitches, knit 20 rows, and then measure how many stiches you have per inch: measure in a few places and take an average. Do the swatch in whatever stitch the pattern says… so if the pattern is in stockinette, don’t do your swatch in ribbing or garter b/c it won’t match. Don’t bind off or cut your yarn; after you measure just rip it out, so you can use it for the project. :slight_smile:

They don’t give a gauge for this pattern!?! :?? That’s a problem if you want to use a different yarn. Funny thing is, they even say if you want to use a different yarn, make sure it’s closest to the gauge for your pattern.

Ugh… silly pattern writers. :doh:

That said, the gauge for the recommended yarn (Trendsetter Blossom) is 3.5-4 sts per inch on size 10 needles. Look at the gauge for the yarn you are using, and try to equal that 3.5-4 sts per inch. Use a needle size one size smaller to start your shrug, since their pattern starts on size 9s. Then switch to 2 sizes larger when they switch to the 10 1/2s.

That’s the best I can recommend. If there was a pattern gauge, not just a yarn gauge, it would be more accurate.