Gauge question

Beginning knitter with a question about gauge! Most patterns say something like “x stitches and y rows in stockinette stitch equals 4 inches.” But the pattern I want to knit just says “using the size 7 needles in stockinette st, 20 sts equal 4 inches.”

So my question is, does that imply 20 stitches and 20 rows equals 4 inches?

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What is the name of your pattern?
The pattern isn’t telling you anything about row gauge. Stitch gauge is more important than row gauge in most patterns and that is probably the case here.
Often, when you get stitch gauge, you don’t get row gauge and so you work the pattern, using the length measurement to take the place of row gauge. This doesn’t work for all patterns but most of the time, it’s what is done.

First of all, thank you for your response!

The pattern is Knitting Pure&Simple’s Lacy Pullover.

So I don’t even need to knit 4” of a swatch to determine if I am getting the right gauge, correct? If I understand your answer, it is basically just the width that matters.

You should knit more than the width in stitches. For your pattern cast on about 25sts. That way you can measure over the middle 4 inches. The edge sts aren’t reliable due to size.
As far as length, knit close to 4 inches, say 3 inches should be enough since the pattern isn’t giving you a row gauge.
Don’t skimp on gauge. It’ll save time in the long run.


Thank you again! That’s just what I needed to know

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