Gauge Question

Have you had your gauge need to increase up 2 or more needles sizes from the pattern suggested needles.

I am working with Noro Lily Multiyarn, a DK wt I would guess. The pattern suggest a number 7 needle and asks for 19sts for 4"

I’m getting like 25 sts and it is not tight at all. I have tried both a pattern swatch and a stockinett swatch.

It looks as though I’m going to have to go up to size 9 needles. This pattern is a bit lacy and I’m worried their will be gapping holes and not lacy.

Any ideas?


I always have to go up a needle size–I don’t even bother to try with the one the pattern calls for. I’ve read of people that have to go up 2 or 3 needle sizes (or down). Try a swatch in pattern with the larger needles and see if you like the way it looks. Otherwise maybe you can try to make a larger size, but there’s no guideline of how much larger you should go. :thinking:

Ingrid, thanks for the advice. The size 9 stockinette isn’t too open, now I’m going go and do the pattern

Againg, I appreciate all the advice.