Gauge question

im knitting a swatch for gauge. pattern calls for glitterspun by lionbrand (yuck!) subbing it for debbie bliss cashmerino aran (yum!!)

it says i should be 20 stitches and 28 rows for st stitch. i am knitting it up and its coming to 20 stitches and 24 rows.

is this going to affect anything but lengeth? thats a pretty big gap for rows. do i need another needle size? because the stitches are perfect. dont want to mess those up

this is for a halter with spaghetti straps

The most important measure is the stitch gauge. You’ll have to adjust how many rows you knit to get the length you want. I imagine knitting extra stitches with cashmerino won’t be a chore though!

:heart: thanks ingrid. i thought it would be ok, but i didnt want to ruin my first halter with such expensive (but worth it) yarn because i didnt do something right. the extra stitches are certainly not gonna make me cry! i cant believe how soft it is!