Gauge question (I think) and deciphering a pattern - newbie!

I’m just learning to knit. I wanna make this hat:

The lady who made it made it with Opal yarn but she said it’s OK to use any 6/8 ply yarn with Size 6 needles. She used 150g of 240m yarn and had lots left over.

I have the chance to buy one skien of Super Bulky Merino and all I know about it is that it’s “148m per skein, use 5.5mm-6mm needles, 6.4 sts/5cm”. Could I get this to work for my hat? Is it enough yarn? Would I have to modify anything or can I just use that yarn on Size 6 needles with the pattern?

[color=red][color=darkred]Also, what does “work picot” mean and “wl. Fwd., K2tog…” I’m confused by the wl. Fwd. part.[/color][/color] OK. I think I understand this. The instructions are telling me how to do the picot edge (work picot as follows…) and wl. fwd. is the same as y fwd? I think?


Valerie (very new knitter)

A super bulky yarn would be much too thick for this pattern, unfortunately. If your yarn that you want to buy has a gauge of 6.4sts/5cm that is approximately 12.8sts/4"(10cm) which is the way gauge is often measured. For the ladies size, which has a cast on of 111sts, with a gauge of 12.8sts/4" that would give you a hat that is nearly 35" around. I think that my head is about 22" around so you can see how this yarn would make a hat that is much too big. You’ll need to select a much thinner yarn. The best thing to do would be to look at the specs of the yarn that the patterns calls for (the Opal yarn, in this case) and purchase something that has comparable gauge information, according to the yarn label.

Your second question, where it says ‘wl. fwd, k2tog’ that just means that you will bring your wool (wl.) forward between the needle tips as though you were going to purl and then from that position work a K2tog. Working the K2tog with the working yarn at the front brings an extra loop of yarn over the right needle and this is what forms what they are calling a picot.

Thanks! I think I understand the gauge thing at least. The picot I will just have to try I think.

So, I think I’m looking for a yarn that 19 sts = 4 inches if my math is right, correct? I’m not sure I can get Opal here.

Perhaps I’ll just use my super bulky for a scarf or something else.