Gauge Problems

I am trying to make a simple child’s sweater. I have never made anything that needed a definite gauge before. So I made a gauge swatch and it came out perfect on the rows but to big on the stitches.

So the gauge it’s supposed to be is 20 sts + 28 rows = 4 in.

Mine comes out 20 sts = 4.5 in. and 28 rows = 4 in.

If I use smaller needles to correct the one won’t it cause the other to be to small? Does anyone know how to correct this problem?

Always aim for st count. You can adjust number of rows as most patterns advise to work to certain number of inches. Rarely will you hit the exact gauge as it was determined by designer with certain yarn and that person’s knitting style.


Thank you! I always wondered about which was the more important.