Gauge problem

Hello people, I am having a gauge problem and was wondering if anyone could help?

I have the correct amount of dc per inch width wise, but too many rows. If I change I don’t the right amount of stitches width wise.

Could I be too lose with my tension? Has anyone else had this problem.

I"m no help…I’ve not made anything that required gauge. :frowning:

I think the opposite may be true- if you are pulling the stitches too tight, you might not be getting the height for a double crochet as opposed to a single. When you make the gauge swatch do you flatten/ stretch a bit to even out the stitches before you measure? I don’t mean pull within an inch of its life, but just tug a bit into shape? When I crochet things look bunched up and uneven until I give them a proper yank to get in line…

Well, the gauge you are trying to match is just one person’s gauge. Maybe they are the ones who are too tight or loose. Or maybe it’s not a matter of anyone being too tight or loose, just individual differences. I rarely can match both stitch and row gauge, for either knitting or crochet, so I just look at the project and decide which is most critical, matching stitch or row, and that’s what I match to, and modify as needed for the other.

do you need to switch hook size?? maybe a larger hook since there is too many rows? if you need expert advice… go to . they have a “crochet clinic” that has been a big help to me~