Gauge on, needle size off...?


I’m thinking of knitting up the Sock It To Me from Knitty Gritty. Problem? My gauge is correct, but I have the right gauge with size 3 needles instead of 7’s.

I have a good working knowledge of gauge flat, but not in the round, esp. with socks. So, will my sock be off in size?

It seems like since I have the right gauge that the pattern calls for, the socks should turn out fine…but it just seems so weird to go off 4 different needle sizes than the pattern!

Is your yarn the same weight as the one in the pattern?

If you are knitting in the round, your gauge is different than knitting from left to right.

To get a better feel for how things gauge up, do a sample of knitting using your DPN or Circs, or use your straight needles, but instead of turning the work at the end of each row, loosely carry the yarn across the back and start at the beginning again. Your sample will look odd, but your gauge will be more accurate.

We knit differently than we purl, and that’s what can make a difference.

That said, I consider needle size a suggestion, not a mandate. Many times, I’ve needed to go up or down several sizes to get gauge. Gauge is what matters, not needle size.

Hope this helps!

I did my swatch in the round…what I meant was, I understand gauge better flat, etc.

Ingie, no, the yarn weight I’m using is a different weight. That’s bad, ain’t it?

Well, duh! Yarn weight + needle size = gauge. So if your yarn is heavier than the one in the pattern, you’ll definitely need smaller needles to get the same gauge. You’re probably all set if you’re getting gauge. Your fabric just might be a little firmer than the original.

I concur!!

Well it never hurts to be more firm, does it?

hehehe, Thanks Ingie. :heart: