gauge of stockinette and garter stitch row for row

How many rows in garter stitch equals 10 rows in stockinette?

Well… depends on what you’re asking… Basically 10 rows is 10 rows. Here’s some info -

1 garter ridge = 2 rows of knitting
5 garter ridges = 10 rows of knitting

So if your pattern says 10 rows of garter you’d just do 10 rows of knitting and you’ll get 5 ridges.

What are you making? If you have a pattern name and link it will help to make sure we give you the correct answer. (Don’t post the whole pattern)

I am knitting a sweater that is cast on at the side seam. The first 12 stitches are knit on both sides and the rest of the stitches are knit and purled on the front and purled on the back. As I knit the 12 stitch band it gets tighter with every row that I knit. How can I remedy this without switching to a larger needle for these stitches each row. I have tried knitting extra rows on the garter stitch band but I don’t know if I should do this every six rows or what would make it even out and lay flat.

Since we don’t know what sweater pattern or what it looks like we can only guess…but if you want the garter band to lay flat and curl less you can try doing a short row on it every 6-8 rows. I’ve done that on baby sweaters. They weren’t knit side to side though.

As for the stitches being too tight…if you are only knitting and purling they should be doing that. Could you be twisting your stitches?

Thank you for your help.