Gauge & needles

Gauge is really a headache thingy and I am trying be patient to make it right this time. :slight_smile:

18 sts and 26 rnds = 4” /10 cm in Stockinette stitch on larger needles.
US 7 (4.5 mm) 24” (60cm) or 32” (80cm)
circular needles and double pointed needles, US 5
(3.75 mm) 24” (60cm) or 32” (80cm) circular needles
and double pointed needles; or size needed to obtain gauge

The result I get by using US7 is 5 sts per inch
Then I up my needle to US8, and I am still getting 5 sts per inch.

What did I do wrong?

Hi, are you using thicker yarn than what the pattern suggests perhaps?
To only get 5 sts instead of 18 is like using a chunky yarn instead of DK weight!!
If your yarn weight is correct then I can’t think what is happening!! Maybe someone else here will be able to help you.
Are you measuring your swatch correctly?

This video explains how to measure a swatch.
Hope this helps
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You did the right thing is going up a needle size. The pattern is calling for 18sts/4" and you’re getting 20sts/4" which is close.

Are you knitting a large enough swatch before you measure? The video that knotknittingknots posted is a good one for gauge. The large swatch lets you avoid counting the edge sts and gives you a more accurate gauge.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me. Changed needles, same gauge, go figure. I suggest going up to a 9 to see what you get. You can keep knitting with the same swatch, just put in several purl sts to mark the change to the larger needle. Let the knitting sit for a short time to relax and then measure again.

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I am using exact same yawn they asked.
It is weird., sometimes I will get 4.5 sts per inch (US8) if I re-measure it , and the swatch is slightly bigger than US7 too,
Is that mean I will have to use needle US8?

What size of the small size needle i need to use if i use the big one US8?
They are used US7 (4,5mm) with US5 (3,75mm), the different is 0.75mm

Which knit fabric do you prefer, that knit on the US7 or on the 8? You could have someone else count the sts if possible, too. Sometimes that helps.
What is it you’re making? Can you give us a pattern name?

You could use either a 5 or 6 for the smaller size needle. Either will work. Depending on the pattern, the smaller needle is often for ribbing.

ahhh…i thought I have to get the same different ‘mm’ of the needle.
I am trying to make ‘cable raglan pullover’ for my in-law as Christmas gift. So, i have to make sure the size is correct. heh

Maybe this one?

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this is the one …

another question, how can I make the my gauge in round without having the both edge so loose. ?

Ah, pretty!
Gauge in the round? I’m not sure where the “edges” are if the swatch or the sweater is in the round?
You can knit a gauge swatch in the round like this:

Some knitters work a sleeve in the round as a gauge swatch.

That is exactly what I was doing, but I am not sure why is my both edge so loose and doesn’t look like the video shows.

Btw, do I really need to wash the swatch and do the count?
Just not sure will it be enough yawn for my project.

You really don’t have to worry about the appearance of the edge sts. They don’t have a stitch on either side to anchor them. They may look neater in the video because of the yarn Amy is using or something else.
Just make sure that you’re casting on enough sts so that you can measure 4" over the middle of the swatch, avoiding sts near the edges.


I think I will use US8 and US6 on this project.
Wish me luck. Heh