Gauge/needle size

Hi everyone!
I’ve recently found a pattern online for cable slippers, I’ve already made a trial one. However, the pattern calls for 6mm circular needles, I only have circular needles in a very small size, I think 2/3mm ones.
My question is how would I change the pattern to fit my needles? I don’t have the money to buy new needles.
I will paste the pattern here incase that helps more!

Thanks in advance!

The smaller needles with the same yarn will make a tighter, probably stiffer knit fabric. You would have to make a larger size or adjust the number of sts in the pattern.
Since there’s such a large difference in needle size, it might be best to find slippers for your size needle and save this pattern for a later time.
Thanks very much for this simplified pattern link. We’ve had several questions about this and similar patterns in the past.

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That is a huge difference in needle size. If you use the same yarn with smaller needles the fabric may be very dense. It may be difficult to knit as well. You can try it though with a larger pattern size and see if it works for you.

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