Gauge issues

So I’m working on Interweave Knits spring 07 slanted neck pullover.

And thus far:

There you go. A good reason to make sure that if you start a project with many pieces, you try and finish ASAP. Because if things happen in between pieces that cause stress, it might manifest in a tightening of your gauge. Tight enough to cause the piece to be about an inch or so smaller.

And so I started to frog. Sad. I was thinking of Going Back To Square One but now I wonder, should I start from scratch and try this in the round instead? Maybe I’ll just go up a needle size. Either way, lots of “ribbit!”

I always prefer to work stuff in the round, but it’s be a shame for all that work to go to waste! I would try going a needle size down, but if that doesn’t work, I suppose you could just redo it all in the round. No seaming would probably make up for having to redo so much of it! Good luck :smiley:

Or go up a needle size… It’s the new piece that’s smaller, right?

Yep, new piece smaller. It got frogged to the point where I picked up the hem and conscientiously loosened up a bit with the tension from the ball of yarn. That seems to have helped a lot! Now my hands “feel” right, if you know what I mean, and it’s much looser on the needles.

Heh. I guess moving can be stressful and even knitting can get affected quite a bit.

Side note: Lamb’s pride cotton fleece is very nice to work with. Very forgiving of frogging. I hope I have enough left over for a short-sleeved shirt.

Same thing happened to me, only for me, the second piece was bigger. 4 inches bigger. And I was not smart like you, I did not measure it after I knit a few inches. I measured it after I bound off!! Duh. I am going to rip it out and knit it in the round to the armholes, then divide. That is, when I can muster up the strength. It’s been sitting in the to be frogged pile for months now.

Yeah, I have a gauage problem all the time, I am a tight knitter, so no matter what a pattern says to use for a needle size, it won’t come out for me.

I have put a couple that I started on the hold pile, because I just get feed up after trying to figure it out. :pout: Then they don’t turn out anyway.

I would hate to think I will spend my life just felting items!:rollseyes:


Well, after frogging, the hands remembered what they were supposed to do.

I knit continental (easier since I learned crochet first) and the habit I had when I first learned is to tug the yarn and make it taught as I’m picking at it with the needle. When I started the back portion, I was doing what i was supposed to do and leave the yarn loose, not tugging at all. The yarn is just around the index finger to keep feeding it as I work. I managed to get it right with the back piece. But with the second, I was pulling taught again because I was knitting on the go (dunno why I do that when I’m on the road).

So far so good. I’ve got about 3 inches done again and we’re super close or at least it can be fudged with minimal blocking.