Gauge issues

I finished my cami last night from hemp for knitting, and I made it a Medium for a bust size of 38. Mine is 38 1/2 so I figured it was good. I went to my LYS so they could help me obtain the correct gauge and it was all good. We checked it TWICE. I started knitting and when it came off the needles last night, the bottom where the ribbing is was PERFECT, but the body was just WAY too big. I haven’t taken a pic in it yet, but I will. I was SO disspointed. I am not afraid to start working on the Perfect periwinkle tube turtleneck from the fitted knits book because I don’t know if it will fit. I found the correct gauge on it too. what did I do wrong???

Thanks for any advice
:verysad: :pout: :shrug:

Sometimes guage swatches are liars. We’re a little more tense when we’re just doing a swatch, so maybe you loosened up as you knit more. Maybe next time you can check your gauge again once you get a couple of inches into the actual project.

Ok, that is a good idea. I was just oh so sad lol, and now I am afraid to start my next project lol