Gauge is off: change needles or pattern?

I’m doing this pattern:

the cuff is pretty nice, but the main part of the single mitten is too big. My gauge is off by 2 stitches, 16 sts = 4in instead of 18sts = 4in. I’m trying to decide if I should keep the same needles and just take 4 or 8 stitches out of the pattern, or keep the needle size in the cuff (6’s) and use something smaller for the main body (was using 9’s). Or maybe I should do both? Keep the 6’s for the cuff and try 7’s for the body, and take out 4 stitches.

What do you guys think?

Try a stitch gauge on 7s and 8s and see which is closer to the pattern gauge.

I’d say that it depends on if you like the feel of the fabric on the needle size you used. If you’re comfortable changing the pattern, and you like how the fabric feels, then go for it. If the fabric is too loose then try the smaller needles.