Gauge is not matching - Options?

Hi everyone!
The pattern I am working on is calling for 16 sts equal 4 inches, so basically 4 sts per inch. I knit my gauge and I’m getting 5 inches per stitch. I’m using size 9 US needles and really yummy Merino yarn.

As a rule of thumb if you need your gauge smaller then you would go up a needle size. However, I really want to get started :teehee: and my knitting store is closed until Tuesday. :grrr:

Can I knit the pattern in one size larger? Would that work, because it would be a little smaller?

Or should I just wait until I can get the larger needles. Knitting is so addictive! :inlove:

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


What are you knitting?


I am knitting a cardigan sweater. It buttons up the front and it’s knitted from the neck down. It’s a [I]Knitting Pure and Simple[/I] design. Hope this helps. Thanks!

You can find the picture here. It’s the one in the middle #9725.

It can work, but your knitting will be denser and stiffer. Try it out - start with a sleeve - and if you don’t like it, get a larger needle - a 10 or 10.5.

I’m knitting a KP&S top down sweater right now. Even though my swatch was right on, the sweater measures quite a bit looser, not sure why. Even ‘reswatched’ and it came back with the same results.

As far as not having anything to knit right now, maybe a dishcloth? Anything to soothe the knitterly soul.

Thanks for the information everyone. I’ll try a sleeve first and if it doesn’t work then I’ll wait and get the larger needles. If the sleeve doesn’t work, I can knit something like a washcloth!
You guys are the best. Thank you both!