Gauge information question

Hi all,

I’m just learning to knit and have a question about the gauge information given in one of my learn to knit in the round books. Everything I’ve read about gauge so far says it’s x number of rows/stitches per x inches square. But the gauge information on this mitt pattern is not like that and I am thoroughly lost. The mittens in the pattern are knitted using five double pointed needles.

The section on gauge info says:

[B]Gauge Information[/B]
In pattern, 2 repeats (8 sts) and 12 rows/rnds=1-3/4".
[B]Gauge Swatch[/B]: 3" wide
Cast on 14 stitches
Then, it gives four rows worth of stitching (one is knit across, one is purl, one consists of passing slipped stitches and one consists of purling with YO’s to make up for the passed slipped stitches. It says to complete those four rows twice and bind off. That would give you 8 rows. Th stitching in those four rows is somewhat similar to what is in the mitten’s pattern, but not exact.

The first line above says in pattern and 12 rows but their swatch size is only 8 rows. I don’t know if they mean to either start the pattern and once you get past the ribbing into the actual stitching, count 8 stitches and 12 rows and it should be 1-3/4", or if they mean to knit the above swatch of 14 stitches & 8 rows and it should be 3" wide. I’m so confused! Please help :wink:

It does seem like a lot of confusing information. I try to knit gauge swatches that are 5-6 inches wide and at least 4 inches long.
For your pattern, try casting on 3x the 8st repeat and work the pattern rows until you have about 4 inches. Measure over the middle 4 inches.
It may be that since these are a small item, a mitt, that they want you to cast on for the mitt and use that as a gauge swatch. You can do that. I just hate to knit ribbing and then have to pull it out to use a different size needle.
Here’s a quick way to knit a swatch in the round:

Thank you! Last night, I tried to knit the gauge swatch pattern they had, but it came out too small. This morning I realized I had picked up the wrong set of needles :teehee:

I will make a swatch using your suggestion of 4 inches and watch the video about gauge for knitting in the round.