Gauge inconsistency problem

I’m trying to get my gauge right for my first sweater. In doing the swatch, I find that with the recommended needle size I get the correct width but the swatch is too long:

Bulky yarn, size 13 needles, the pattern states that it should be 4 inches at 12 stitches and 18 rows in stockinette. I get 5.5 inches at 18 rows

When I try size 11 needles, the swatch is too narrow (3.5 inches), but it does end up the correct length.

What to do? Thanks for your help!

Your st gauge is more important than your row gauge, since most patterns tell you to knit for X inches (rather than for X rows). You can always add or not do rows to adjust length, but your st gauge is really what usually sets the size of the finished piece.

The stitch gauge (width) is the one to go for. Most patterns call for you to knit a certain number of inches, so your row gauge doesn’t matter as much since you can knit more/fewer rows to get the length you need. You can’t adjust the width once you start.

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