Gauge in the round

Here’s a silly question: when the gauge instructions read 22 sts X 28 Rounds = 4" in St st in the round, how do I measure it? From the top down or around?

A round is a row that’s knit circularly and it’s best to work it in the round, sorta… CO about 26 sts, knit across the first row. Then slide your work back to the other end of the circ, leave the yarn loose and knit across the stitches again. Make a giant I cord, but with the yarn loose. Then measure the sts over 4" in the middle; the sts are somewhat more important than the number of rounds as you can adjust how many rounds you knit, but not the number of sts - they have to be right from the cast on. You can also measure the rows/rounds and see how close you are to 7 per inch.

Thanks! I’ll try that right now

I am confused by this method. The gauge piece is being knit flat on the circular needles, I have not problems with this, I don’t have straight needles and use my circular for everything. But doesn’t this method avoid the tension impact of the stitches being stretched around the curve of the cable. Unless you have enough stitches to overfill the needle wont there will be a different pull on this gauge swatch then if it is knit in the round?

I do my gauge swatches the way Sue describes and I’ve never run into that problem. But usually, my stitches aren’t stretched on the cable too much either.

What this method does is mimic knitting every round like you do on circs. Many people purl looser or tighter than they knit, so this way gives you an accurate gauge measure in the round without casting on a lot of stitches. Your knitting shouldn’t be stretched on a circular needle, though sometimes it might be for a few rounds. But you wouldn’t get an accurate stitch gauge if it were.