Gauge in round/sock question

i’m looking at this sock pattern that i am itching to start (and just got my new KP DPNs in the mail for it!) but the gauge is 18 sts x 26 rows = 2" st st in the rnd… do I REALLY have to do that in the round? I am so too lazy for that…

also, there are all kinds of modifications for sizing in this pattern, but do you think that the toe size will automatically be ok for my fat man feet? (I have been longing for toe socks like this for about 8 years and have never seen them OR a knitting pattern for them, so I’m all farklempt and yeah, they’re for me. ;-))

Thanks bunches! :slight_smile:

You can do an ‘in the round’ swatch without knitting in the round. Just cast on to a circ or longer dpn, knit across, but instead of turning the work, slide it to the other end. Let the yarn drape across the back loosely and knit across again.

As for the socks fitting your big man feet, that I can’t tell ya!

Brilliant, Ingrid! Thank you!!!

I guess if they don’t fit my big man feet, some lucky girl is going to have a new pair of fabulous toe socks. :wink:

Try them on as you knit them, if it doesn’t fit your toe, then you can adjust :wink:
I LOVE those socks :heart: