Gauge/hot-dang afghan and lighting

I learned several things today:

  1. Contrary to what it says in the hot damn instructions, gauge does matter. Just for fun, I did a swatch on 17’s with 2 threads rather than the 3 I had originally used…and it was so much better. Clearly, if I wanted to use 3 threads, I need to up my needle. If you do one of these afghans, I suggest you do a gauge swatch and see if you like how your yarns look together and how they knit up. I wish I had.

  2. The 3rd thread I had picked for contrast…which I thought was rust…in the sunlight is maroon. Yep maroon. It doesnt go terribly well with browns and beiges in the light of day, lol.

So I solved both of those pesky little problems by doing a major frogging, ditching the maroon thread for some other project…and re-casting on with two threads…already I can tell I am going to be so much happier. I hate frogging…but I know in the end I will be happy. Thank heavens I wasnt more than 8 inches into this project!!! Now I feel like I can zoom zoom zoom on it!

Whew…glad you saw it in the light before you were futher along.

I HATE :frog: !!!

Ugly thats all I can say, eeeeeeeeeeeeeew. I swear the yarn looked rust again when I frogged it, but in the daylight, and mixed with the other yarns, it was maroon…