Gauge help

So i am trying to follow a pattern and it says to knit a gauge, I guess that is the tension you test? Or a square to see how many stitches?

but it says 15 sts to 2?? does that mean 15 stitched to 2 inches? or 2 rows?


Gauge is usually given as X sts and Y rows for Z inches, though the row gauge isn’t always given. But it’s always good to CO more sts than the gauge needs so you don’t included the edges when measuring. They can be a different size and can curl under so it won’t be an accurate measurement. This sounds like you’re supposed to get 15 sts in 2", but it would help to know what the pattern is and what yarn and needle size you’re supposed to use.

Yeah, you should have more stitches so the center part you measure is nice and flat. Since you’re measuring over two inches (many patterns measure over 4) and the gauge is 15 over 2 inches I’d probably cast on 25. Then knit a good 2-3 inches.

Also… I always do garter stitch on the edges and top and bottom to make it lay flat. In this case I’d probably garter 3 or 4 rows on the bottom and 3 stitches on each edge. This is all assuming your gauge is done in stockinette and not garter.

pattern says to use a No.4 circular needle and DIAMOND lee targetCampanula baby yarn 2(2-3) 1-oz. balls. Its an old pattern. Got help in a store to choose a baby yarn that would work. What would you recommend?

What kind of recommendation are you needing? You’ve already got your yarn, right? So are you asking how many stitches to cast on for your gauge swatch?

Please clarify for us.

Then the gauge probably is 15 sts over 2" or 30 sts over 4". Cast on about 24, then measure how many sts are in 2" or 3", but do it in several places so you get a good average. You should have 7½ sts per inch.

thank you guys so much:)
just wanted confirmation that i was heading in the right direction:)