Gauge help

I’m looking at the Pull “Bernini” pattern and I can’t quite understand the gauge info.

10x10 cm working the different stitches with the knitting needles 41/2 = 23 sts and 23 rows

10x10 cm worked k3/k1rib stitch with knitting needles 41/2 = 23 sts. and 23 rows.
I know that 10 cm is about 4 inches and I suspect they mean 4 ½ , but I’m not used to it written this way and I’m a little confused.

I think you are right that they should have put a space between the 4 & 1… Does your gauge come out close to 23 for 4 1/2?

Yeah they probably mean 4.5 mm (US 7) needles.

I haven’t swatched yet, I was just looking at the pattern. I always read all the way through them before doing any pattern. :teehee: I don’t know what gauge the yarn is either and can’t find it anywhere except on the Adriafil site. It’s in english, but has been translated.

From what I’ve seen of a lot of translations that should be interesting. :rofl:

I think it’s size 7 needles, too.