Gauge help

i’m working on socks using us1 dpns. the pattern guage is 38sts over 4in. i didn’t pay attention to that (bad! bad!) and have made significant progress. when i actually stopped to take note of the size, i realized that my gauge is almost a whole inch off!

i know there’s not a remedy for this sock. perhaps ripping back to the beginning.

but can anyone shed light on [I]why[/I] there’s such a dramatic amount of difference? an inch is a lot!

I am bad about paying attention to gauge, even though most of my patterns say in all caps and bold “TAKE TIME TO CHECK GAUGE”.

It could be your tension or even the type of yarn/wool you are using. If you are using the same or comparable yarn that the pattern states and the size needles suggested I would put money on the tension being the issue.

If the socks you are knitting are feminine, then you could possibly knit an inch or so strip of lace and attach at the top. That is what I am doing to increase a halter top that I didn’t gauge which ended up too short.

Hope this helps,

I know that I would have a VERY hard time getting 38sts/4" using a size 1 needle. I am a tight knitter and with a fingering weight sock yarn I get 32sts/4" with a size 0 needle. To get 38 I’d have to go smaller than a size 0…yikes!!

The best thing to do is try with the yarn that you have and a size 0 needle, and if you can’t get the right gauge with that size you might have to look for a different pattern with a gauge that you [I]can[/I] get.

Edited to add: Just re-read your post and mine, and I guess I’m assuming that your sock is 1" too big which is why I suggested a needle size smaller. If your sock is 1" too small, you’d need to try a larger needle size.

you’re right, my gauge is 1 inch too small (38sts/3 inches). i’m using a fingering weight, so very comparable to the yarn suggested. it must be my tension…bummer!

a larger needle size makes sense. is there, though, anyway to ease the tightness? wondering…

A larger needle will help with the tightness. Also relax and don’t pull on the yarn hard when you make a stitch.

thanks, sue! i always wait for an answer from you! :slight_smile:

It is common for people to knit tighter on dpns than on flat work. I am doing a baby sweater and knit the body on a #1 circular (working back and forth) but the sleeves are in the round on dpns so I used a #2 and got about the right thing with that. For the yoke I join the works together and have switched back to the #1. I guess the reason is that in the round you are only knitting and never purling and some of us must knit tighter than we purl. Some folks knit looser on dpns. How do they manage that? :slight_smile:

I don’t think you are doing anything you need to “cure”, just use bigger needles. You might need more than one size bigger to fix that whole inch.