Gauge help for socks?

I’am trying to get gauge for socks using the patons sock pattern which says i need 30 sts and 44 rows+4 inchs for the gauge.I’am also using the right yarn sock yarn and i keep on getting 7.5 sts to a 4 inch swatch and i get on going down different needle sizes that are used with the sock yarn.I don’t no what to do .Should i try to get gauge with a different yarn and needles?. :??

I would keep going down, no matter what the ball band says. It’ll be worth it in the end!

You’re getting 7.5 inches per 4 inches? That would be enormous yarn.

If you’re getting 7.5 per inch, then multiply that by 4 and you do have 30 per 4 inches.

Oops. I should think before I post :rofl:

Thanks for the help. :happydance:

Any time!