Gauge Help for a Beginner! :)


I am a new knitter–I’ve tackled a couple of scarves and now want to knit a baby cap, for my baby! Today I bought the sz 7 double pointed and circular needles. The yarn suggested in the pattern was not available (ie the exact brand) but I bought one that seemed like it might work.

The lady at the shop suggested if I want it to fit the baby’s 1 year old head, to knit for the 2 year old pattern–apparently she thinks the yarn isn’t ideal.

I got to work knitting a swatch to test for gauge. the pattern says 5 stitches to an inch. I’ve got 5.5 stitches to the inch. (part of this could just be me; I’m a pretty tight knitter.)

In any event, my question(s)–

should I buy a new yarn, or fudge this one?

by fudge I mean–is there any way to make a baby hat (perhaps by knitting the LARGER size) that will fit some baby, at some time (I just want to learn the skill!) while being half a stitch off in gauge?

I suppose I could buy size 8 needles, but it hurts my heart to turn around and buy new needles when I just bought these today. I want to get started and am wondering if I could still make a hat this way…??

Thanks so much for any advice you can give!!!:slight_smile:

Hiya Pehp,
O hun about the needle thing, we could all use MORE!!! :wink:
I if you are having a half stitch per inch it adds up. What you could do is find the measurement for a 1 yo’s head (you could just measure the wee ones noggin) and then take those inches and multiply by 5.5 and that will give you the proper stitch count to get to the right inches.
After you figure out your amount to cast on, remember that if you are doing 2x2 ribbing that the final number needs to be divisible by 4 and if it’s 1x1 ribbing it has to be divisible by 2. So if you come up with o let’s say 70 sts for the inches you want and you want to do 2x2 ribbing. You would have to add two more stitches to make it 72 because it’s divisible by 4.
I hope I explained it ok?

Thank you! This is useful! Perhaps tomorrow I will measure the baby’s wee head and see if I can do this! (As for ribbing, egh, I have NO idea…it’s a very simple baby cap from Itty Bitty Hats…I’m not sure if has ribbing? Or do all hats have ribbing?)

I am really hopeless. But am loving knitting!!! :slight_smile:

Ribbing is what you see on most cuffs of sweaters - k1, p1, or k2, p2. Some hat patterns don’t have it, but it helps fit the head a little better. Also, when you measure the baby’s head, subtract an inch; this way it will fit snugly so it won’t fall off as easy, especially if you do an inch or two of ribbing.

great! thank you. no–it does not have ribbing!!

Here’s another question–if I end up measuring baby’s head and making it that way, do I follow the pattern just the same as to the decreases/etc?

Look at the dec pattern; usually it’s Knit x sts, k2tog, all around. The next round is just knit, then Knit x-1 sts, k2 tog, etc. If you need to go up in the number of sts, you may have to Knit x+1 (or 2), k2tog to dec in the same manner. When you get to that part, let us know and we can help you out.