Gauge, gauge..

Hi all! I’m trying to figure out what to do with a pattern that’s driving me a bit crazy. I’ve knitted this pattern before with the wrong gauge and of course I ended up not liking the fit. Now I’m trying to knit it again with a different yarn and trying to really hit gauge this time but I’m having some issues. It is an all over moss stitch pullover worked flat knitted with two strands of fingering weight yarn and a size 8 needle, the gauge according to the pattern is 14 sts=4 inches in moss stitch. Now when I tried it the first time with two strands of fingering weight yarn, I was getting too many sts/inch. Now I’m trying it with a worsted weight yarn and I am getting 14 sts=3.5 inches - closer but not exact. I’m wondering if this will make a huge difference in how it comes out? Also I tried knitting loosely and then on a size 9 needle but moss stitch looks very open that way and Its not the look I’m going for… Any suggestions??:disappointed_relieved:

What pattern are you using, can you link to it? Is this a garment that needs to fit or something that exact size does’t matter so close enough is good enough? What wasn’t to your liking in your previous project?

This is the pattern,
When I first knit this I didn’t like how open the stitches ended up and how long the sweater was. I’d like it to fit similar to how it is on the model, not overly boxy but not too fitted either

Your gauge works out to 16sts/4 inches which could make the sweater 4-5 inches smaller depending on the number of sts cast on. Have you tried a larger needle with the worsted weight yarn? Does that give you a fabric that you like?
Which brand of worsted weight are you using?
You could also knit using the number of sts for a larger size. Calculate what measurements you’d get at the gauge you’re getting (14sts/3.5 inches).with the cast on for that size.

Oh I thought since it would
Have made my sweater much larger at the gauge I was getting, wow thanks for that. I will try knitting it in the next size up. And I am using Cascade 220 heathers.