Gauge gadget?

I just got a magazine the other day selling knitting kits and in it was a little gadget I had never seen before. It told you the gauge of yarn. It was sort of pencil shaped and had markers at the bottom for inches and you were supposed to wrap the yarn around it from the beginning and go until you reach whatever “inch” you want. Then you’re supposed to count the number of times the yarn is wrapped. That is supposed to tell you the gauge. I wish I had the website so I could post a picture of it - but has anyone heard of this? Does it really work? I just love little knitting gadgets and if it works and saves time - I’m all for it!

Anyone know anything about this?

It’s probably a wraps per inch tool (althogh a pencil works just as well! LOL)

Scroll down to see it, about the fourth item down.

Yes, that’s it - does it work? Does it actually figure “gauge”? It doesnt make sense to me but I’m just curious

Spinners use this to guage their homespun yarn. Works great and can be used on commercial yarn. If you have lost your yarn label it tells what weight the yarn is and what needle to use. I’ve had to do this before when my yarn labels went MIA. If you keep your labels handy it isn’t a “must have” for knitters.

Wraps per inch is determined by the “width” of the strand of yarn. You don’t have to use this specific tool, you can use an ordinary ruler too, just wrap the yarn around it. The diameter of the tool isn’t what is important since you’re not measuring the actual length of the yarn, you are measuring how many strands of yarn it takes to make one inch. It would be the same as if you cut 6 inch sections of yarn and laid them side by side to see how many made an inch. The more wraps it takes to get to an inch, the smaller or finer the weight of the yarn is and vice versa, a bulky yarn only takes a few wraps to get to an inch.

Here is a chart that shows various yarn weights and their approximate measurements by different means of measuring, like wraps per inch, yards per ounce, yards per pound

I keep my yarn labels!!! They are in a baggie in my knitting bag, which is ALWAYS with me. As I work with a yarn I draw a happy face, “meh” face or yucky face according to how I liked working with the yarn. I keep the different batches clipped together with a paperclip and reference them when I buy new yarn or have to choose yarn for a project.