Gauge for spiral rib hat

The Ann Norling pattern I have shows 5 columns listed as: Gauge, Number of sts to CO/Yardage:. Under the Gauge column are numbers 2.5 thru 6. I don’t understand what these numbers mean and how do you knit the gauge on circular knitting? Thank you for any help. Margaret

From what I can see from the ads for the pattern, you can knit this hat in any yarn and gauge. So determine the gauge for your yarn, then select how many stitches to cast on from that measurement.

To check your gauge on a circular needle without making the whole hat, you can cast on about 5 inches and work across. Instead of turning the needles, slide the stitches to the other end of the needle, let the yarn drape loosely across the back, and work the next row. This way you’re knitting the way you would in the round–only on the front.

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Are the numbers under Gauge literally listed, as in 2.5-3-etc.? Or does it say “2.5-6”?

The concept of gauge is the same on circular as straight needles. Your gauge with a certain yarn and pattern might by a bit different on round needles, but it would still come down to the number of stitches (and rows) you knit per inch (often expressed in patterns as per 4"). Just knit a few inches in pattern to determine your gauge.

Knit on, chere!


It is hard for me to explain what I want to know so I really appreciate having 2 people help me. I guess if I knit2, purl2 for 6 stitches as you describe, (this is the pattern), then after a few rows I should measure the number of stitches for an inch. I guess I would look at that first column which says 2.5
3.5 etc. and if I have say 3 stitches per inch I would look across the row for the number of sts to CO under the size required. Now I think I understand. Thank you so much. I am so glad I found this website.

Sounds like you got it!