Gauge for circular knitting

I need to make a gauge for a hat. The yarn I’m using is smaller than the yarn suggested for the pattern. The designer told me the gauge should be 4.5 stitches to an inch. How do I do this for circular knitting?

The pattern will tell you how many stitches and how many rows to knit and in what pattern(most the time its in stockenett stitch, but the pattern usually tells you). Knit that swatch using the circular needle you plan to use and measure. If it is right on, thats the needle you use, if it is off by any amount, you need to adjust the needle size.
I just got done doing a swatch calling for
21 stitches and 28 rows = 4 inches using US 6 in stockinette stitch…(Note: Im not using suggested yarn either. You just have to figit with it till you get gauge.)
the US6 didnt work for me, so i went to a US7, nope not it either. went to a US8 and it worked. (honestly, i dont know why i instist on thinking i can get gauge with suggested needle. It happens so very rarely…You would think i would know by now and just start out with 2 sizes bigger than the suggested needle…I never claimed to have brains tho…LOL)

I did all these swatches on a circular needle, because I plan on using a circular needle to knit the project.

I probly didnt answer what you were wanting but i gave it a shot.

Hope this helps

Thanks for answering. Unfortunately, the only gauge info I have is the 4.5 stitches per inch. I hate bothering the designer to ask her yet another “rookie” question!

Oh…I understand how to make a circular swatch. I just don’t know how many stitches to cast on and how many rows to knit to get the right gauge.

i get it now…sorry for the long post.

4.5 stitches per inch is all you need really…the other numbers are a help but not mandatory. If the designer didnt give you a “row per inch” gauge, then you must have an inches mesurement for length of the hat.

I think i would use a random amount of stitches…30ish and then knit however many rows you want, i would knit rows untill i have about 4 inches worth…

measure about 3 inches of stitches and average that out and then see where you are…adjust needle size as needed.

is that more of what you wanted?

Since 4.5 to an inch is 9 for 2 inches I think I would cast on 20 or 22. I’m lazy and like to make the swatch as small as I can. Since 18 stitches would be 4 inches I would want to do only a little more than that so that I wouldn’t have to measure the edge stitches.

Yes! Thanks! Just one more rookie question (I hope :slight_smile: The hat has a 2" rib. How would that factor in getting the correct gauge? I know that a hat should be about 2" smaller than the actual head measurement to get a good fit. (The hat needs to fit a 22 1/4" head).

What formula do you use to come up with your inch/stitch numbers?

the resulting needle from your gauge swatch will cover all stitches used in the project.

What formula do you use to come up with your inch/stitch numbers?

a normal gauge swatch is 4inches x 4 inches (cant tell you how many times ive cheated on this standard…shhhh) Im not fully understanding the question but imma take a stab at an answer for ya.
example: your hat stitch gauge is 4.5 spi. you just multiply that number by 3 to 4 inches and thats how many stitches you need to cast on for your swatch. soooo…4.5 (spi) x 4 (inches) = 18 cast on stitches.

if that wasnt it…ask again.

Whew! Thanks so very much for answering all my rookie questions. I’ve been crocheting since 4th grade but have honestly never done a gauge test. I’ve just increased or decreased a project as I went when it needed it. I don’t feel that confident in knitting since this is only my 3rd knit project! You 've been a great help! Thanks!!

BTW…LOVE your Dr. Seuss quote!

Don’t worry about the ribbing, it’s going to pull in and it’s impossible to measure correctly anyway. Just work on getting the 4.5 sts/inch in stockinette.