Gauge for cables

I’m not sure if this is the right forum or not… I have a pattern with LOTS of cables and twists. I wanted to convert that pattern from a cardigan to a pullover. Since I’m not that creative, I found a pullover pattern that requires the same gauge as my cardigan. Here is my problem. My pullover pattern calls for a different number of stitches for the pattern than my cardigan. I’ve been able to ‘fix’ it so that I can form the pattern. BUT, because the pullover pattern is basically a rib pattern, and the cardigan has different twist and cables, would I need to enlargen my pullover pattern? In other words, does making twist and cables ‘shrink’ the number of gauges?


Yes, cables do “steal” stitches. You’ll want to allow some extra for that.

What I would do is to do a regular swatch and then a cabled swatch and see how they compare to determine how many extra stitches to allow for the cables.

THANKS! I’ll do that!

Can you just take the cardigan pattern and not do the split in front? That may be easier…

I wish I could… or maybe I can, but the originial is a “V” neck. And the collar.