Gauge for Alpaca yarn

The pattern I want to do is Gauged in inches :shrug: If I get the right gauge the sweater is to loose. I don’t want a loose knit sweater.The pattern looks tighter in the picture…It’s a diamond pattern.If I go small needles I won’t have enuogh yarn.I already ordered 14 balls.Help Anybody have any ideas?

Order more? :shrug:

This alpaca yarn seems small then worsted weight.It says its worsted but I don’t get it :shrug: If I double it it comes out fine.Have you had this problem?

Are you using the recommended yarn?

The last alpaca I worked with was mostly st st for the most part. Usually I have to go up a needle size. I didn’t have to for this particular pattern. Maybe that’s because the yarn was a bit thinner? It didn’t seem as thick as regular worsted weight, but that does vary from yarn to yarn.

Sure makes ordering yarn for a project hard when the worsted weight is in different sizes.Dye lot matches would be hard.I did a gauge with a different worsted and the gauge was right on. :shrug: So I’ll have to find a different pattern to use. Makes me :grrr: cause I order this yarn for this pattern :waah: Thanks for your help once again :teehee:


Some days my brain doesn’t work. :doh: :doh: Is’nt this what I have the sweater wizard for :whoosh: Not only can I use this yarn and pattern ,but now I can knit it in the round :woohoo:

:cheering: :cheering: