Gauge for a Sweater

I am attempting my first sweater after reading (and re-reading) sections of my Elizabeth Zimmermann books. I understand in theory how to go about it. I understand there will be trial and error until I have the finished garment. My first question is that I am wanting to make the body of the sweater out of a “Interlocking Crosses” or “Crossed Diamonds”, do I make the swatch in the pattern that I am to knit or in just stockinette stitch? :think:
I believe the swatch is just a inkling of what the true gauge will be given the weight of the sweater, but I am not interested in making a sweater for an elephant in my first attempt.:roflhard:

Interlocking Crosses:

Crossed Diamonds:

Thank you in advance for any tips or pointers that you care to share. It will be much appreciated. :notworthy:

I think your best bet is to work a swatch in stockinette, and work a section in the cable. See what the difference in gauge is between the two section.

The cable will pull in, so you should notice a difference. I don’t think you need to work the entire cable length.

Determine what the difference is in the gauge of the st st and the cable. Then, when you work the sweater, add that number of stitches to the area where the cable will be and then subtract them when you bind off.

So if you plan on starting with ribbing, on your final row (or round) increase in the cable section.
This will give you enough stitches to create the cable without pulling the rest of the knitting in.

That sounds like a great plan. Thank you!