Gauge & Felting

Old pattern I found used a wool yarn that the yarn label calls for a size 8 needles and 19 sts to 4". I’ve got some stash wool yarn that the label calls for size 9 needles and 16 sts to 4".

SOOOO to make this felted object (size isn’t an issue with this as it is just a flat piece that will later be cut to a specific size/shape), do I need to knit with size 8s or can I use the recommended size 9s for my wool?


I don’t think it matters much if you’re going to felt it. I think it might be better to go larger though.

From some of the things I read here I thought the same but… asked just in case. I appreciate your input. Hey, it is stash yarn afterall AND my first felting attempt. Worst thing is it completely screws up, right? LOL… then I’ll try something different for next time.

Thank you!

I’m sorry to be so vague. I was thinking while replying and thought that larger stitches would felt more evenly maybe. I’m just researching felting now and haven’t gotten a project going yet.
Let us know how it comes out.

Things to be felted are usually made with larger needles.

i really wouldnt think that i would either.

You need to go in needle size if you want the material to felt. So if the yarn calls for an 8 needle and you want it to felt, I would use a size 9 or 10. If you don’t knit it loosely to begin with, it may not felt.

I understand that felting occurs with heat, water and as the yarn rubbs together. Why is there a need to knit loosely in order for the piece to felt? If knit loosely there should be some additional flex in the piece but couldn’t this be offset by how the piece is [COLOR=black][FONT=Times New Roman]agitated. [/FONT][/COLOR]
Fogive me if this is an obivious question/answer some of us newbies learn slow.

I was always told that when knitting to felt I should go up 2 needles sizes from the guage recommended on the yarn so if it says 9 I would use a 11. For the wool to completely felt it has to be able to shrink and pull together. It will shrink more when you use larger needles, but it also felts better IMHO and the “knit” stitches disappear.
Best of Luck and happy Felting