Gauge differences

I’ve been knitting for a short-time. I’ve done 3 scarfs with another one partially completed. I’ve decided to start a sweater. It is a very simple tank. The gauge on the pattern reads 5 stitches to 1" using size 6 needles. I stitched a swatch and came up with 5.5 to 6 stitches per inch. I switched to a size 7 needle however my gauge didn’t decrease as I would’ve expected. The gauge with size 7 needles wasn’t much different than the size 6; maybe 5.5 stitches per 1". The yarn label states the gauge size to be 5.5 stitches per 1" using size 6 needles which matches my first swatch. Is it possible to switch using this gague even though the pattern calls for 5 stitches per 1"? I’m worried that the extra stitch per inch will throw the pattern off.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Let’s suppose the pattern is knit in the round and tells you to cast on 180 stitches.

At 5 stitches to the inch, that’s 36".
At 5.25 stitches to the inch, that’s 34.25"
At 5.5 stitches to the inch, 32.75".
At 5.75 stitches to the inch, that’s 31.25"
At 6 stitches to the inch, 30".

Whether or not you can live with the difference in circumference depends on how much ease is built into the pattern and the finished look you want to achieve.

Going from 5 to 6 would probably result in something that can’t be worn.

Going from 5 to 5.25 may be okay if the garment is not designed to fit snuggly in the first place. However, it will fit more tightly than the picture. This may be fine if the garment is designed to be quite loose and has considerable ease. However, it if was meant to fit snuggly, it would now be stretched taut across the bust and the stitches might show some strain.

You saved me from a disaster! Here’s what I’ve decided to do. I want a finished product around 34 to 35 inches. 6 stitches per inch x 35 inches = 210 stitches. The pattern has a cast-on for 206 stitches which would be a little over 34 inches. I’m figuring that’s the best way to go.

I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks again!


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